St Woolos Hospital

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St Woolos Hospital
Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board
Entrance to St Woolos Hospital, Newport - - 1628503.jpg
Hospital entrance
Location Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
Coordinates 51°34′55″N 3°00′10″W / 51.58194°N 3.00278°W / 51.58194; -3.00278Coordinates: 51°34′55″N 3°00′10″W / 51.58194°N 3.00278°W / 51.58194; -3.00278
Care system Public NHS
Hospital type Community and Mental Health Hospital
Founded 1837 (workhouse infirmary)
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Saint Woolos Hospital (Welsh: Ysbyty Sant Gwynllyw) is a community and mental health hospital serving the city of Newport and surrounding areas. It is located in the Stow Hill area and is named after Saint Gwynllyw. The main Royal Gwent Hospital is close by.

The buildings at St Woolos were originally opened as a workhouse by the Newport Poor Law Union. In 1915 it was agreed that it be converted into a Military Hospital for wounded soldiers, and it came under the control of the 3rd Western General Military Hospital in Cardiff.[1]

The Casnewydd Unit consists of 8 wards:

  • Penhow - Rehabilitation for Neurology and Thoracic patients
  • Ruperra - Stroke rehabilitation
  • Tredegar - Psychiatric unit
  • Gwanwyn - Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Dermatology - This ward includes day case and outpatients
  • Holly - Mental Health
  • Hawthorn - Mental Health
  • Sycamore - Mental Health

The Springfield Day Hospital is located in the Casnewydd Unit.

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