Sta. Niña

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Sta. Niña
Official poster of sta. nina.jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed byEmmanuel Quindo Palo
Produced byRodel Nacianceno
Written byLiza Magtoto
Emmanuel Quindo Palo
StarringCoco Martin
Alessandra de Rossi
Anita Linda
Angel Aquino
Irma Adlawan
Nanding Josef
Music byMike Albert Idioma
Dean Rosen
  • Nor Domingo
  • RI Lim
Edited byChrissel Desuasido
Tara Illenberger
CCM Creative
Distributed byStar Cinema
Release date
26 September 2012 (Philippines)
Running time
105 minutes

Sta. Niña (Santa Niña) is a 2012 Filipino drama film directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo.The film is Palo's first directorial venture.The film tells the story of Paulino who unexpectedly unearths the remains of his 2-year-old daughter in a lahar-filled quarry. It was one of the official entries for the New Breed Full Length Feature Category in Cinemalaya 2012.


Years after volcanic mud flow (lahar) covers a town in Pampanga, Pol and his co workers dig up the coffin of his daughter. The remains of two-year-old Marikit did not show any signs of decay. Many consider this a miracle and people troop to Pol's home to be healed by Marikit. As people are getting healed purportedly by the dead child, Pol insists that his child is worthy of being called a saint. Thus begins his crusade to get his daughter beatified. Unearthing her body digs up unresolved issues in many persons' lives. In the end, an event will make us ask if there was healing, a cleansing of sins and a chance to move on.



36th Gawad Urian Awards

2013 Golden Screen Awards

2013 1st ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards

2012 17th International Film Festival of Kerala [1][2]

  • The Golden Crow Pheasant Award for Best Feature Film aka Suvarna Chakoram

2012 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival [3]


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