Staatsmijn Emma

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Staatsmijn Emma
Monument of the Staatsmijn Emma
Staatsmijn Emma is located in Netherlands
Staatsmijn Emma
Staatsmijn Emma
Location Hoensbroek
Country Netherlands
Coordinates 50°55′45″N 5°56′39″E / 50.92917°N 5.94417°E / 50.92917; 5.94417Coordinates: 50°55′45″N 5°56′39″E / 50.92917°N 5.94417°E / 50.92917; 5.94417
Products Coal
Production 109,032,000 tons
Opened 1911
Closed 1973
Company DSM

The Staatsmijn Emma was a Dutch coal mine located in Treebeek (now part of Brunssum) and Hoensbroek (now part of Heerlen). The mine was in operation from 1911 till 1973.

The second-largest mine in the Netherlands, it had the highest production of all Dutch mines at 109 tonnes (120 short tons).[citation needed]

The deepest shaft was 980 metres (3,220 ft) deep, although after integration with Staatsmijn Hendrik the deepest shaft was 1,058 metres (3,471 ft) deep.

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