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The term state actor (in German: Staatsschauspieler) has had different meanings in recent German history. In Nazi Germany, it was the highest title that could be awarded to a stage actor. Since 1945, the meaning has changed. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, it is no longer simply a title of honor, but an official position.

Nazi era[edit]

The honor of being a Staatsschauspieler, or State Actor, was awarded by Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. It was a purely honorary title, which had no pecuniary benefits. Under the Nazis, important stage actors were always used in films - that should be upgraded in this way for the major media propaganda - were the winners of the audience on a regular basis as a film actor known. Pure film stars, however, had no prospect of being awarded the title.

Bearer of the title in Nazi Germany (selection)[edit]

Federal Republic of Germany[edit]

Since the end of the Second World War the title of "state actor" is awarded by Berlin and Hamburg Senates, and by the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Bearer of the Baden-Wuerttemberg title (selection)[edit]

Bearer of the Bavarian title (selection)[edit]

Bearer of the Berlin title (selection)[edit]