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The Stabilizers
Origin Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Pop
Years active 1981–1991
Labels Columbia Records
Members Dave Christenson
Rich Nevens

The Stabilizers were an American pop/rock band from Erie, Pennsylvania, founded in the early 1980s by musicians Dave Christenson, Rich Nevens,. With Christenson on lead vocals and Nevens on guitars and occasional keyboards, Dan Haight on drums. They spent the first few years touring the Pennsylvania area and recording original compositions on a 4-track recorder. Then, in 1985, they were signed to Columbia Records and in 1986, released Tyranny, their first and only album.

The guitar and synth-laced album followed in the style of other 1980s bands such as a-ha, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and Mr. Mister. The first single from Tyranny was "One Simple Thing," which peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1986 and number 93 on the Billboard Hot 100[1] in 1987,[2] helped by the band's performance of the song on American Bandstand. Two music videos were released to promote the album: "One Simple Thing", which was directed by David Fincher - who would go onto greater success directing the feature films Alien 3, Se7en and Fight Club - and "Tyranny", directed by David Hogan.

The "Tyranny" single failed to chart, and for the next five years, The Stabilizers disappeared from view. However, in 1991, an unreleased track from the Tyranny sessions, "Maybe This Time," surfaced on the soundtrack to the film If Looks Could Kill. Although no additional music has been released from the band since then, Tyranny has been re-released digitally via the iTunes Store.

Before the Stabilizers were signed to the national label, there was quite a phenomenon that occurred in northwest Pennsylvania from well before early January of 1985 through and including a performance in front of a crowd estimated of at least 10,000 people at that City's "We Love Erie Days" celebration at the end of August of that year. Lots had happened before and in between. I know. I'm John Schaaf, the keyboardist, saxophonist and singer supporting Dave Christenson and Rich Nevens and our other buds in the first "live" iteration of "The Stabilizers" in Erie, PA in very early 1985. Who else remembers those days? More later.[3]



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