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Not to be confused with Stacy Earl.

Stacey Earle (born 1960) is an American singer-songwriter. The sister of alt-country singer Steve Earle, she has recorded six albums, including four with her husband, musician Mark Stuart.

Early life[edit]

Earle was born in Lake Charles, LA, and raised in San Antonio, TX. She began playing guitar at the age of fifteen, learning on an instrument left behind by her musician brother.


Earle moved to Nashville to live with her brother Steve, and sang backing vocals and played rhythm guitar on his 1991 album, The Hard Way, and for the subsequent world tour. She appeared on her brother's subsequent albums: Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator and Transcendental Blues. Earle signed a contract with Nashville's Ten Ten Music Group as a staff songwriter and received notice for her song "For Years," which appeared on Sammy Kershaw's 1996 CD, Politics, Religion and Her.

In January, 2000 she released the album "Simple Gearle" and appeared on the New York Times' "Favorite CD's You Nearly Missed" list.

She has appeared at festivals, clubs and private homes performing up to 170 concerts a year.

Personal life[edit]

Marrying at seventeen, she had two sons before the marriage ended in divorce in 1990. She met her current husband, Mark Stuart, in 1991, married him in 1993. They were both members of her brother's band, Steve Earle and the Dukes, as well as her own band, the Jewels (named after her grandmother Jewel Earle).


Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart[edit]

  • Must Be Live (2001, Gearle Records), a double live album
  • Never Gonna Let You Go (2003, Gearle/Evolver)
  • S&M Communion Bread (2005, Gearle/Funzalo)
  • Town Square (2008, Gearle Records)

Stacey Earle solo[edit]

  • Simple Gearle (1998, Gearle Records)
  • Dancin' with Them That Brung Me (2000, Gearle Records)

Mark Stuart solo[edit]

  • Songs from a Corner Stage (1999, Gearle Records)
  • Left of Nashville (2007, Gearle Records)


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