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Stacia Kane
GenreUrban Fantasy

Stacia Kane is an American writer of romantic erotica, urban fantasy, and horror. Kane lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her British husband and their daughters.[1]

In the past, she worked as a phone psychic, a customer service representative, a bartender, and a movie theatre usher.[2] She has also worked for over four years in professional publishing.


The Megan Chase series (the Demons books):

  • "Personal Demons" (Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, May 2008)
  • "Demon Inside" (Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, August 2009)
  • "Demon Possessed" (Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, February 2010)

The Chess Putnam series (the Downside books):

  • "Unholy Ghosts" (Random House Publishing Group, May 2010)
  • "Unholy Magic" (Publishing Group, July 2010)
  • "City of Ghosts" (Random House Publishing Group, July 2010)
  • "Sacrificial Magic" (Random House Publishing Group, March 2012)
  • "Chasing Magic" (Random House Publishing Group, June 2012)
  • "Untitled" (Random House Publishing Group, June 2013)

Writing as December Quinn:

  • "Prince of Death" (Whiskey Creek Press, January 2007)
  • "Blood Will Tell" (Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc., July 2007)
  • "Eighth Wand" (Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc., October 2007)
  • "Day of the Dead" (Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc., March 2008)
  • "Accustomed to His Fangs" (Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc., October 2008)


  • "Be A Sex-Writing Strumpet" (Lulu Press, March 2010)


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