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Stacie Randall Jan 5, 1962 is an American actress, best known for her roles in Puppet Master 4, Trancers 4 and Tracers 5, and Excessive Force 2: Force on Force. Her genres include Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, and Horror. She is currently married to Jack Allocco[1].


Year Title Role
1993 Puppet Master 4 Dr. Leslie Piper
1994 Trancers 4: Jack of Swords Lyra
Silk Stalkings Myrna Stoner
Ghoulies IV Alexandra
The Companion (TV) Saleswoman
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth Lyra
1995 High Tomb Heather/Mary/Jessica
Teresa's Tattoo Kay
Dream a Little Dream 2 Lena Drago
Excessive Force II: Force on Force Harly Cordell
1996 The Assault Stacy
Demolition High Dugan
1997 First Encounter
The Beneficiary (TV) Young Jane Ellington
Evil Obsession Liz
1998 Together & Alone Laura
ChiPs ‘99 (TV) Officer Sandy Baker
Detour Inga
1999 The Blair Fish Project Blair
The Incredible Genie Sandra Alexander
2000 V.I.P.
2000-01 Gotham Girls (Web) Zatanna Zatara
2001 Ticker SWAT Team Commander
2008 Meet Market Sunny

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