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StackPath, LLC.
private company
Founded2015; 3 years ago (2015)
FoundersLance Crosby (Chairman & CEO), Jason Gulledge, Ryan Carter
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, 75201
ProductsContent Delivery Network
RevenueIncrease $157 million (2017)
Number of employees
275 (2017)

StackPath, LLC is an American content delivery network (CDN), cloud service and web application firewall (WAF, security as a service in association with Comodo Group [1]) provider with headquarters in Dallas, Texas in the United States .[2][3] The company was founded in 2015 by Lance Crosby (former founder and CEO of SoftLayer). The company have shown exceptional growth in 2016 and 2017, and have acquired and integrated services like Highwinds Network Group (CDN), MaxCDN (developer CDN), Server Density (infrastructure monitoring), Staminus (DDoS mitigation), Fireblade (cloud security and traffic management), (secure VPN provider, formerly Cloak) [4] and IPVanish (anonymous VPN service), which resulted a large CDN network hosting from popular web developer resources (like BootstrapCDN) to large gaming networks (like Steam) or video streaming (like FlowPlayer).

As of 2018 the CDN [5] consists of 45 full scale network datacenters with 40 Tbps capacity, covering Northern and Southern America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

StackPath announced they had 1 million customers on January 13, 2018, which range in size from early-stage enterprises to Fortune 100 organizations across multiple industries including media & entertainment, online gaming, advertising networks, and software companies.

Founders and Ownership[edit]

StackPath was founded May 5, 2015 by:

  • Lance Crosby, CEO & Chairman
  • Greg Bock, Steven Canale, Ryan Carter, Paul Drew, Kenji Fukasawa, Jason Gulledge, Andrew Higginbottom, James Leaverton, Andrew Maten, Dawn Mumm, Nick Nelson, and Josh Reese.
  • StackPath has nearly $180 million in private cybersecurity funding, $150 million of which comes from Boston-based private equity company, ABRY Partners.

Open source projects[edit]

StackPath uses open source software, and serves many open source project files (many of them inherited from MaxCDN) with over 2 petabytes of donated bandwidth per month, including Bootstrap, Font Awesome, JS Foundation, Debian Planet, Twemoji, Grunt, Ionicons, JSDelivr, Bootswarch, jQuery Tools, RawGit, MPC-HC, Cash Music, Signet, RRSSB, Material Design Icons, Waterfox, MacPorts, Font Famous, CSSgram, Instant Logo Search and Easy.js.


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