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Stack may refer to:





Arts, entertainment, and media



  • Stack (abstract data type), abstract data type and data structure based on the principle of last in first out
  • Stack (Haskell), a tool to build Haskell projects and manage their dependencies
  • Stack in Macintosh, one of a collection of documents created with HyperCard (as in a stack of virtual cards)
  • Stack in LiveCode, one of a collection of program scripts created with LiveCode's Transcript programming language
  • Call stack, stack data structure that stores information about the active subroutines of a computer program
  • Stack machine, an architecture centered around a pushdown stack
  • Protocol stack, a particular software implementation of a computer networking protocol suite
  • Solution stack, a group of software systems, increasing in abstraction from bottom to top
  • Stack-based memory allocation, a memory allocation scheme based on the principle of "last in, first out"
  • Stacks (Mac OS), a folder view on the Dock of macOS
  • Stacks blockchain, a Bitcoin smart contract platform

Science and technology



  • Operation Stack, parking lorries on the M20 in Kent, England, when Channel crossings are disrupted
  • Stack interchange, a free-flowing grade-separated junction between two roads
  • The Stack, the interchange of I-10 and I-17 in Phoenix, Arizona

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