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Stacey Donovan
Born (1964-10-09) October 9, 1964 (age 53)[1]
Encino, California, United States
Other names Ashley Britton, Ashly Britton, Camilla, Staci Donovan, Stacy Donovan, Tracey Donovan, Traci Donovan, Tracy Donovan, Kelly Howe, Kelly Howell
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)[1]
Weight 114 lb (52 kg)[1]

Stacey Donovan[2] (born October 9, 1964) is an American former pornographic actress and model, who reached the height of her career in the 1980s. At the time she was a favorite of porn producers and directors because of her blonde hair, blue eyes, lithe body, girl-next-door appearance and the apparent eagerness and enthusiasm she displayed in her sex scenes. "I don't enjoy [working in pornography]", she told The Baltimore Sun in October 1985 in an article reprinted in the San Diego Union-Tribune. She noted that she earned about $1,000 a day. "But I don't like to take my clothes off in front of everyone."[3]


In the late 1980s she testified on behalf of the Meese Commission. Jerry Butler stated in his autobiography that Donovan was a "grown-up tomboy" and that she was "unenthusiastic" in her performances. He added he believed she would "be more at home climbing trees than doing porno".[4]


Prior to entering the Adult business, Donovan was a model. She did a couple of TV-commercials for Swatch in the early 1980s and allegedly on the cover of Seventeen.[5]

1987 Incident[edit]

Donovan testified in April 1987 in San Fernando (CA) Municipal Court in a publicized case of two men charged with felony pandering in the production of sex videotape. Donovan and five other performers, among them Steve Drake and Tracey Adams, testified that they were paid to go to a Sand Canyon home in June 18, 1986, and perform sex acts before cameras. Donovan said she had never wanted to be an actress. She said she performed at the Sand Canyon house, as well as in about 74 other films, "just for the money" and stated that she no longer wanted to appear in sex films. She testified that she was acting as an informant for federal and county law enforcement agencies in other pandering cases involving film producers. Donovan claimed that her daily pay ranged up to $1,000.[6]


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