Stade Ernest-Argelès

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Stade Ernest-Argelès
Toulouse Olympique v London Broncos.jpg
Location Blagnac, Tolouse, France
Capacity 4000 (seated capacity)
Surface Grass
Toulouse Olympique (2016–present)

Ernest-Argelès stadium is a French Rugby football stadium with a capacity of 4,000 seats located in Blagnac (in the close vicinity of Toulouse).


Ernest-Argelès stadium is located on the sports complex of Ramier. It has the particularity of being close to the Garonne River on the opposite bank from the Ernest-Wallon Stadium of the Stade Toulousain.

Rugby Union clubs Blagnac SCR, in the third division, and Blagnac Saint-Orens RF, in the women's Premier division, play there their home games. For the 2016 season, it also hosts the Rugby League home matches from the Toulouse Olympique in the League 1 as the Stade des Minimes is not available.

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Coordinates: 43°38′13″N 1°24′6″E / 43.63694°N 1.40167°E / 43.63694; 1.40167