Habib Bouakeul Stadium

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Habib Bouakeul Stadium
ملعب الحبيب بوعقل
Stade Habib Bouakeul
Stade Habib Bouakeul - pelouse, gradin et virage ouest.jpg
Full nameHabib Bouakeul Stadium
Former namesAlenda
Vincent Monréal
LocationRoute de Misserghin, Haï El-Louz
Oran, Algeria
OwnerAPC of Oran
Opened1928 (1928)
Renovated19 December 1948
October, 2009
February 2013
ASM Oran

The Habib Bouakeul Stadium (Arabic: ملعب الحبيب بوعقل‎) is a multi-use stadium in Oran, Algeria. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of ASM Oran. The stadium holds 20,000 people.


The stadium was built in 1928 in the Les Amandiers district (now Haï El-Louz) of Oran under the name of the Stade Alenda. It was renovated on 19 December 1948, when its name was changed to Stade Vincent Monréal; it was the biggest stadium in Oran at the time. After the independence of Algeria, it was renamed Stade Habib Bouakeul in commemoration of Habib Bouakeul, a martyr of the Algeria War.

The stadium was equipped with artificial turf to replace natural grass; a newer turf was installed in 2013.


Below is a list of some important matches played at the stadium:

Event Date Time (CET) Team #1 Result Team #2 Round Spectators
1930–31 North African Championship 14 June 1931 -:- CDJ Oran 3–2 (a.e.t.) Stade Marocain Final
1932–33 North African Championship 28 May 1933 -:- USM Oran 0–3 US Marocaine Final
1932–33 North African Cup March 1933 -:- CDJ Oran 2–1 US Marocaine Final
1935–36 North African Championship 7 June 1936 -:- GC Oran 5–0 AS Saint Eugène Final
1948–49 North African Championship 28 June 1949 -:- Wydad Casablanca 6–2 CA Bizertin Final
1949–50 North African Cup 1950 -:- SC Bel Abbès 3–4 AS Saint Eugène Final
1952–53 North African Championship 7 June 1953 -:- SC Bel Abbès 4–0 FC Blidéen Final
1953–54 North African Championship 1954 -:- SC Bel Abbès 6–1 CS Hammam-Lif Final
1953–54 North African Cup 1954 -:- USM Oran 0–1 USSC Témouchent Final
1954–55 North African Cup 1955 -:- SC Bel Abbès 5–2 (a.e.t.) GS Alger Final
1956–57 Algerian Cup (FFF) 1957 -:- AS Marine d'Oran 2–2 AGS Mascara Final - 1st game
1957 -:- AS Marine d'Oran 2–2 AGS Mascara Final - replayed
28 April 1957 -:- AS Marine d'Oran 3–1 (a.e.t.) AGS Mascara Final - replayed 2

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