Stade 24 Novembre

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Stade 24 Novembre
Stade Reine Astrid.jpg
Full name The stadium in 1960
Former names Stade Reine Astrid
Stade Cardinal Malula
Location Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa, Congo DR
Capacity 24,000
Opened 1937
AS Dragons

Stade 24 Novembre, formerly known as Stade Reine Astrid and today Stade Cardinal Malula, is a stadium located in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It opened in 1937 and serves as the home of AS Dragons.

It is currently named in honor of the date Mobutu Sese Seko seized power in the country in 1965. It was previously named after Astrid of Sweden and Joseph Malula.

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Coordinates: 4°19′22″S 15°18′45″E / 4.322865°S 15.312485°E / -4.322865; 15.312485