Stade Georges-Chaumet

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Stade Georges-Chaumet
Baduel Stadium (15476357808).jpg
Aerial photograph (2014)
Former namesStade de Baduel
LocationCayenne, French Guiana, France
Coordinates4°55′57″N 52°18′42″W / 4.932492°N 52.3118037°W / 4.932492; -52.3118037Coordinates: 4°55′57″N 52°18′42″W / 4.932492°N 52.3118037°W / 4.932492; -52.3118037
SurfaceNatural turf
CSC Cayenne

Stade Georges-Chaumet (former name: Stade de Baduel) is a multi-use stadium in Cayenne, French Guiana. It is currently used mostly for football of the French Guiana football team matches.

The stadium has a capacity of 7,000 places; it has natural turf[1] and a synthetic 400m track. The central area of the stadium, named "la caquette", was renovated in 2012.[2]

The stadium is also used for cultural events such as le Kayenn jazz festival.[3]

In 2014, the stadium was renamed to Stade Georges-Chaumet.[4]


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