Stade des Minimes

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Stade des Minimes
Former names Stade Arnauné
Location 107 Avenue Frédéric Estèbe, Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Coordinates 43°37′30.77″N 1°26′7.64″E / 43.6252139°N 1.4354556°E / 43.6252139; 1.4354556Coordinates: 43°37′30.77″N 1°26′7.64″E / 43.6252139°N 1.4354556°E / 43.6252139; 1.4354556
Owner Mairie de Toulouse (Toulouse town council)
Capacity 4,066
Surface Grass
Built 1937
Opened 1937
Toulouse Olympique (1937-2015), Toulouse Olympique Broncos (2014-)

Stade des Minimes is a rugby league stadium in Toulouse, France. It is the home ground of Toulouse Olympique Broncos.


Stade des Minimes or as it is also known Stade Arnauné has been the home of Toulouse Olympique since their founding in 1937. The town council agreed to purchase the ground for the sole use of the new sport, rugby league. When the river Garonne burst its banks in 1965 a test match between France and New Zealand scheduled for the Stade Municipal in Toulouse was cancelled because of flooding, the game was moved across town to the Stade des Minimes the first international game played at the ground. The same thing happened in 1999 when a round of matches in the Mediterranean Cup was moved when Lézignan's Stade du Moulin was also waterlogged.[1] In 2015 when Toulouse Olympique moved to the British rugby league system to play in League 1 Toulouse Olypique moved to the Stade Ernest-Argeles. Toulouse Olympique Broncos who play in the Elite One Championship in France remained at the ground. Currently it has a capacity of 4066, including (2,000 seats). It is due to be expanded to reach a 10,000 capacity over the next two years. The renovation plans include the extending of the two main stands, the creation of a shop, a gym, and an administrative office for the club. The cost of the project is estimated to be 8 million euros.[2]

Rugby League Internationals[edit]

Date Teams Score Attendance Tournament
3 March 1957  France v  Great Britain 19–19 16,000 Test Match
1 March 1959  France v  Wales 25–8 25,000 Test Match
17 February 1963  France v  Wales 23–3 6,150 Test Match
22 December 1963  France v  Australia 9–21 6,936 1963–64 France vs Australia series
12 December 1965  France v  New Zealand 28–5 7,000 1965–66 France vs New Zealand series
7 January 1968  France v  Australia 16–13 5,000 1967–68 France vs Australia series
15 March 1970  France v  England 14–9 6,587 1969–70 European Rugby League Championship
7 February 1971  France v  Great Britain 16–8 14,960 Test Match
16 December 1973  France v  Australia 3–14 7,060 1973 France vs Australia series
20 February 1977  France v  Wales 13–2 5,827 1977 European Rugby League Championship
5 March 1978  France v  England 11–13 6,000 1978 European Rugby League Championship
10 December 1978  France v  Australia 11–10 6,500 1978 France vs Australia series
14 November 1999  France v  Lebanon 38–24 1,000 Mediterranean Cup
14 November 1999  Italy v  Morocco 38–0 1,000 2000 Rugby League World Cup qualifying

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