Stadelheim Prison

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Stadelheim Prison (German: Justizvollzugsanstalt München), in Munich's Giesing district, is one of the largest prisons in Germany.

Stadelheim Prison

Founded in 1894, it was the site of many executions, particularly by guillotine during the Nazi period.

Notable inmates[edit]

Statistics about the prison[edit]

  • Size: 14 hectares
  • Capacity of prison: ca. 1,500 prisoners (possible maximum 2,100)
  • Highest number of prisoners: 9 November 1993 with 1,969 prisoners
  • Executions 1895 to 1927: 14 (including Gustav Landauer and Eugen Levine)
  • Executions 1933 to 1945: at least 1,035 (including Ernst Röhm and the members of the White Rose resistance movement, i.e. Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst; Alex Schmorell, Willi Graf and Prof. Kurt Huber. Also Hans Conrad Leipelt from the White Rose in Hamburg who was beheaded in January 1945 for reproducing and distributing the sixth and final White Rose leaflet which was written by Kurt Huber)


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