Stadio Giuseppe Grezar

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Stadio Giuseppe Grezar
Stadio Littorio
The stadium in 1934
Full name Stadio Giuseppe Grezar
Former names Stadio Littorio (1932-1943)
Stadio di Valmaura (1943-1967)
Location Trieste, Italy
Owner U.S. Triestina Calcio
Operator U.S. Triestina Calcio
Surface Grass
Opened 1932
Closed 1992
U.S. Triestina Calcio

Stadio Giuseppe Grezar was a multi-use stadium in Trieste, Italy. It was inaugurated in 1932 as the Stadio Littorio and was initially used as the stadium of U.S. Triestina Calcio matches. The capacity of the stadium was 8,000. It hosted the match between Czechoslovakia and Romania during the 1934 FIFA World Cup.

In 1943 it was renamed Stadio di Valmaura. It was renamed again in 1967, in honour of Giuseppe Grezar, a native son who was a member of the Grande Torino squad that perished in the Superga air disaster of 1949.

It was replaced by Stadio Nereo Rocco in 1992.