Stadio Nazionale PNF

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Stadio Nazionale PNF
Stadio Pnf.jpg
Stadio Nazionale PNF
LocationRome, Italy
OwnerCity of Rome
Field size105 m × 68 m
Broke ground1911[1]
Lazio (1931–1953)
Roma (1940–1953)

The Stadio Nazionale del PNF (English: National Stadium of the National Fascist Party) was a multi-purpose stadium in Rome, Italy. It hosted three of the 17 matches of the 1934 FIFA World Cup, including the final between hosts Italy and Czechoslovakia on 10 June 1934.

The Stadio Nazionale was constructed in 1911, and was renovated in 1928 for the Italy–Hungary international match.[2]

The stadium closed in 1953 and was replaced by the Stadio Flaminio in 1957.

1934 FIFA World Cup[edit]

Stadio Nazionale PNF hosted three games of the 1934 FIFA World Cup, including the final matches.

Date Time Team No. 1 Res. Team No. 2 Round Attendance
27 May 1934 16:00  Italy 7–1  United States Round of 16 25,000
3 June 1934 16:30  Czechoslovakia 3–1  Germany Semi-final 15,000
10 June 1934 17:00  Italy 2–1 (a.e.t.)  Czechoslovakia Final 55,000


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Preceded by
Estadio Centenario
FIFA World Cup
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Succeeded by
Stade Olympique de Colombes

Coordinates: 41°55′38″N 12°28′20″E / 41.92722°N 12.47222°E / 41.92722; 12.47222