Stadio Petriana

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Stadio Petriana
Full name Stadio Petriana
Location Rome, Italy
Capacity 500
Surface Artificial turf
Vatican City national football team
Clericus Cup
Campeonato della Citta Vaticano matches

Stadio Petriana (also called Campo Cardinale Francis Joseph Spellman) is an association football stadium in Rome, Italy. The stadium currently hosts matches of the Vatican City football league, the Clericus Cup and the Vatican City national football team.[1]


The stadium is located in Pontificio Oratorio San Pietro, the Vatican's sport complex, in Rome only a few hundred yard from Vatican City[2] as Vatican City is not large enough to house sports fields.[3] It has a capacity of 500 spectators and is equipped with artificial turf and floodlights.[4] The field is known for having a clear view of Saint Peter's Basilica.[5]

International matches[edit]

After playing its first three full-internationals at the Stadio Pio XII, the stadium hosted the Vatican City national football team for the first time on 10 May 2014.[3]

List of matches[edit]

  Win   Draw   Loss


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