Stadion ŠRC Zaprešić

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ŠRC Zaprešić
Stadion NK Inter Zaprešić.jpg
Main stand of the stadium
Location Zaprešić
Coordinates 45°51′53″N 15°47′59″E / 45.86472°N 15.79972°E / 45.86472; 15.79972Coordinates: 45°51′53″N 15°47′59″E / 45.86472°N 15.79972°E / 45.86472; 15.79972
Owner Zaprešić
Capacity 5,528
Field size 105 x 68 metres (114.8 x 74.3 yards)[1]
Surface grass
Built 1962
Inter Zaprešić (1962-present)

Sports-Recreational Center Zaprešić, (Croatian: Športsko-rekreativni centar Zaprešić, abbreviated to ŠRC Zaprešić) is a football stadium inside the sports complex of the same name in Zaprešić, Croatia. The primary user of this stadium is a football club NK Inter Zaprešić. The stadium has a capacity of 5,228.[1]


The very first football pitch on stadium's current location was opened back in 1962. In 1987., the larger eastern stand was built in order to fulfill the needs of Summer Universiade held that same year. In 2005. after Nk Inter Zaprešić finished runners-up in Croatian First Football league, the stadium was upgraded with new floodlights.[2] In 2016. The city of Zaprešić decided to rebuild the adjacent training grounds inside the complex. For this purpose the brand new artificial turf pitch was built, while smaller, already existing artificial turf pitch was renovated.[3]

Other assets inside the complex[edit]

Except for football purposed facilities, inside the complex there is: a multi-functional hall used by various local sport clubs, University of Applied Sciences Zaprešić, along with its accompanying facilities such as the library and student cafeteria,[4] several caffe shops,[5] civic associations[6] and a Novi Dvori restaurant.[7]



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