Stadion Obilića Poljana

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Stadion Obilića Poljana
Stadion Obilića Poljana.jpg
LocationObilića poljana bb, Cetinje, Montenegro
OwnerOld Royal Capital Cetinje
OperatorOld Royal Capital Cetinje
Record attendance6,500 (FK Lovćen - NK Dinamo Zagreb, 1971)[2]
Field size110 x 65 metres
FK Lovćen, FK Cetinje, ŽFK Lovćen

Stadium Obilića Poljana (Montenegrin: Stadion Obilića Poljana) is the name of the football stadium built in 1957 in Cetinje, Montenegro. It is the site of a new football-specific stadium currently under construction. Upon its completion, tentatively planned for in 2020, it will be used by Cetinje's local football teams as well as the Montenegro national football team. It was renamed to Stadion Sveti Petar Cetinjski, after Petar I Petrović-Njegoš.


The first stadium in Cetinje was built in 1913, near the location of Obilića Poljana.[2] From 1943 to 1957, the stadium was relocated near the Cetinje Monastery, and during the summer of 1957, the newer Stadion Obilića Poljana was opened. The first game on Obilića Poljana was a Yugoslav Second League match between FK Lovćen and NK GOŠK, played on August 1957.[2]

The highest attendance in the history of stadium was recorded during a Yugoslav Cup game between FK Lovćen and NK Dinamo Zagreb in 1971. It was attended by 6,500 spectators.[1] In 2016, the stadium had a capacity for 2,000 people.

Construction of the new stadium (2017-2020)[edit]

In 2014, the first documentation for a new stadium on the current location Obilića Poljana was drafted.[3] The new stadium will be renamed after Sveti Petar Cetinjski. The new stadium will meet UEFA standards, with a capacity of 5,192 seats.[4] The investors of the project are the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, the Government of Montenegro, and the Football Association of Montenegro. Construction officially started on November 17, 2017.[4] The project will cost approximately 9 million in total.[4]


The clubs which have played their home games at Stadion Obilića Poljana are:

Except that, the stadium is used by Athletic Club Lovćen.[clarification needed]


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Coordinates: 42°23′33″N 18°55′28″E / 42.3925775°N 18.9244008°E / 42.3925775; 18.9244008