Stadion Veruda

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Stadion Veruda
Stadion Veruda, June 2019.jpg
LocationPula, Croatia
Coordinates44°51′30″N 15°50′3″E / 44.85833°N 15.83417°E / 44.85833; 15.83417Coordinates: 44°51′30″N 15°50′3″E / 44.85833°N 15.83417°E / 44.85833; 15.83417
NK Istra 1961 (until 2011)
Istra 1961 in action at Stadion Veruda

Stadion Veruda is a multi-use stadium in Pula, Croatia. It is second stadium in Pula. It served as home stadium for football club NK Istra 1961 until 2011 and completed renovation of Stadion Aldo Drosina. The stadium all seating capacity is 2,500.