Stadion Zlatica

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Stadion Zlatica
Full nameStadion Zlatica
LocationPodgorica, Montenegro
OwnerFK Kom
Field size110x70
Construction cost2,5 million euros[1]
FK Kom

Stadion Zlatica is a football stadium in Zlatica, a suburb of Podgorica Capital, Montenegro. It is used for football matches and is the home ground of FK Kom.


Current stadium in Zlatica is built at 2016. [2][3][4][5] It is situated near the old field, which is demolished during the 2015.
New football stadium in Zlatica have a capacity of 1,200 seats. With numerous facilities and another training pitch, stadium meets the criteria for official games in every national competition.

Old ground[edit]

Previously, in period 1958-2015, FK Kom played home games at old field, near the new stadium. The old stadium had capacity of 800 seats.

Pitch and conditions[edit]

The pitch measures 110 x 70 meters. Stadium didn't met UEFA criteria for European competitions, but meets all criteria for official games in all national competitions.
In addition to the main field is an auxiliary field with artificial grass that is used for competitions in the youth categories.

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