Stadion pod Bijelim Brijegom

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Stadion pod Bijelim Brijegom
(Bijeli Brijeg Stadium)
Stadion HŠK Zrinjski.JPG
Stadion pod Bijelim Brijegom - UEFA 2/4 stars
Full name Stadion HŠK Zrinjski
Location Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates 43°20′44″N 17°47′43″E / 43.34556°N 17.79528°E / 43.34556; 17.79528Coordinates: 43°20′44″N 17°47′43″E / 43.34556°N 17.79528°E / 43.34556; 17.79528
Owner City of Mostar
Capacity 9,000
Field size 105x70 m
Surface Grass
Built 1971
Velež Mostar (1971–1992)
Zrinjski Mostar (1992–present)

HŠK Zrinjski Stadium (Croatian: Stadion HŠK Zrinjski), also known as Bijeli Brijeg Stadium, is an association football stadium located in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is home of HŠK Zrinjski Mostar and has a capacity of 9,000 seats. Before the ground's conversion to an all-seater stadium, the capacity was around 25,000.


The stadium is situated in the center of the west side in the city of Mostar.


The stadium was built in 1971 and during Yugoslav times it served as the home ground of Velež Mostar. During the Bosnian War, between 1992 and 1995, the city of Mostar was effectively split to two parts; western (Croatian) and eastern (Bosniak), divided by the river Neretva. The stadium, which was shelled several times during the war and sustained heavy damage, is located in the western part of the city and since 1992 it serves as the home ground of Zrinjski Mostar which was reformed in the same year, after being banned by the former Yugoslav government shortly after World War II.[1]

Velež Mostar currently plays at the Vrapčići Stadium which was built in 1995, however, they continuously advocate their return to the original stadium, but are being denied for political and security reasons.[citation needed] The stadium's official name since the Bosnian war is Stadion HŠK Zrinjski (English: HSK Zrinjski Stadium), and is registered under the same name with the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bijeli Brijeg is the second largest stadium in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Koševo stadium in Sarajevo.



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