Stadionul Eugen Popescu

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Stadionul Eugen Popescu
Location Târgoviște, Romania
Owner Municipality of Târgoviște
Capacity 10,000
Surface Grass
Opened 1982
FCM Târgoviște (1982–2010)
Chindia Târgoviște (2010–Present)

Eugen Popescu Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Târgovişte, Romania. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Chindia Târgovişte. The stadium holds 10,000 people and is located in the town center, next to the Chindia Tower.

The stadium was named after the former football player of Metalul Târgoviște and famous youth team coach Eugen Popescu (1928–1996), the creator of Chindia Târgoviște, team that promoted in 1996 to the Romanian Top League. Players like L. Reghecampf, B. Liță, C. Becheanu, T. Zamfirescu, R. Gâlmencea, A. Bogoi, C. Ţermure, C.I. Voicu, I. Ceauşu, M. Priseceanu, C. Bălaşa, M. Jilăveanu, R. Toboşaru, M. Antal, C. Negru, L. Strizu, have all been bred in the Târgoviște youth team center by Eugen Popescu.

Coordinates: 44°55′54″N 25°27′44″E / 44.9316°N 25.4623°E / 44.9316; 25.4623