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Stadtcasino Basel
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General information
Town or cityBasel
Coordinates47°33′16″N 7°35′22″E / 47.55444°N 7.58944°E / 47.55444; 7.58944Coordinates: 47°33′16″N 7°35′22″E / 47.55444°N 7.58944°E / 47.55444; 7.58944

Stadtcasino Basel is a concert hall in Basel, Switzerland.

It belongs to the Stadtcasino-Gesellschaft, a non-profit cultural association in Basel.[1] It is the home of the Sinfonieorchester Basel.[2]


Interior as it appeared in 1892, during the First Zionist Congress.
The original building

The Casino-Gesellschaft first met in 1808; eventually the society required its own building, and the architect Melchior Berri worked on plans from 1820 to 1822. The original building, on a site between Barfüsserplatz and Steinenberg provided free by the government, was completed in 1826.[3] Notable events held in the original building include the 1892 First Zionist Congress.[4]

In the late 1930s the present Stadtcasino was built on Steinenberg.[3]

From 2000 there was a project to build a new Stadtcasino; although an international competition was held for architects, and a winner was announced, the voters of the canton of Basel-Stadt refused permission in 2007 to proceed with the new building. In 2010 it was proposed to make structural alterations and extensions to the existing building.[3] This is being carried out from 2016 to 2019.[5][6]


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