Stadthausbrücke station

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S-Bahn-Logo.svg Stadthausbrücke
HVV rapid transit station
S-Bahnhof Stadthausbrücke 1.jpg
Location Neuer Wall
20355 Hamburg, Germany
Coordinates 53°32′57″N 9°59′11″E / 53.54917°N 9.98639°E / 53.54917; 9.98639Coordinates: 53°32′57″N 9°59′11″E / 53.54917°N 9.98639°E / 53.54917; 9.98639
Owned by DB Station&Service AG
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Connections Bus
Structure type underground
Other information
Station code ds100: ASHS
DB station code: 5955
Type: Bft
Category: 4[1]
Opened 1975
Stadthausbrücke station is located in Hamburg
Stadthausbrücke station
Stadthausbrücke station
Stadthausbrücke station (Hamburg)
Stadthausbrücke station is located in Germany
Stadthausbrücke station
Stadthausbrücke station
Stadthausbrücke station (Germany)

Stadthausbrücke is an underground railway station, on the City S-Bahn line of the Hamburg S-Bahn. The station is located in the borough of Hamburg-Mitte in Hamburg, Germany. The station is managed by DB Station&Service.


In October 1967, the work the city tunnel line from central station to Altona station started. On 1 June 1975 — at the start of the summer schedule — the Hamburg S-Bahn opened Stadthausbrücke station, within the line from central station to Landungsbrücken station.[2]


The station is an underground island platform with 2 tracks and two exits. The station is now accessible for handicapped persons, because a lift has been installed, however there is no special floor layout for blind persons.[3] In case of war it also has its function as a fallout-shelter for 4,500 persons like the Reeperbahn and Harburg-Rathaus stations, too.


Detail (plan of trains for track 2) of Stadthausbrücke station


The rapid transit trains of the lines S1, S2 and S3 of the Hamburg S-Bahn are calling the station.[4] Direction of the trains on track 1 is Wedel (S1), Hamburg-Altona (S2) and Pinneberg (S3). On track 2 the trains are traveling in the direction Poppenbüttel, Bergedorf (S2) and Stade (S3) via Hamburg central station.

Preceding station   Hamburg S-Bahn   Following station
toward Wedel
S1Hamburg S1.svg
toward Altona
S2Hamburg S2.svg
toward Bergedorf
toward Pinneberg
S3Hamburg S3.svg
toward Stade


No personnel is attending the station, but there are SOS and information telephones, and ticket machines.[3]

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