Staffin Island

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Staffin Island
Gaelic name Eilean Stafainn
Norse name Possibly Fladdaidh.[1]
Meaning of name Norse for "flat island".[2]
Staffin Island is located in Isle of Skye
Staffin Island
Staffin Island
Staffin Island shown relative to Skye
OS grid reference NG491693
Coordinates 57°38′24″N 6°12′18″W / 57.64°N 6.205°W / 57.64; -6.205
Physical geography
Island group Skye
Area 22 ha[3]
Highest elevation c.10 metres (33 ft)[4]
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Country Scotland
Council area Highland
References [4]
Staffin Island from The Quirang

Staffin Island[4][5] (possibly also known as Stenscholl Island[1]) is an islet off the east coast of the Trotternish peninsula of Skye in Scotland.

The Norse name may have been Fladdaidh[1] meaning "flat island". The Gaelic name Eilean Stafainn has the same meaning as the modern English name which is taken from the nearby settlement of Staffin.[6]

In 2011 it was reported that the island may be the last in Scotland where the old tradition of having cattle swim between grazings is still carried out. Crofter Iain MacDonald, who used to swim with the animals, now uses a boat to encourage them to swim from Staffin Island to Skye in early spring and back again in October.[7]

The Hut on Staffin Island is a tune composed by Phil Cunningham.[8]

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Coordinates: 57°38′38″N 6°12′19″W / 57.64389°N 6.20528°W / 57.64389; -6.20528