Staffordshire Senior Football League

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The Staffordshire Senior Football League was an English association football competition based in the county of Staffordshire and its surrounding area.

The league was formed in 1984 and was a true county league, taking its clubs from Staffordshire and the areas immediately adjacent. When the league wanted to raise its profile, and attract clubs from a wider area, the decision was made to rename the league as the Midland League with effect from the 1994–95 season. In both incarnations the league was a feeder to the North West Counties League in the English football league system.


The champion clubs of the Staffordshire Senior League were as follows:[1]

  • 1984–85 - Eastwood Hanley
  • 1985–86 - Rocester
  • 1986–87 - Rocester
  • 1987–88 - Redgate Clayton
  • 1988–89 - Meir KA
  • 1989–90 - Eccleshall
  • 1990–91 - Meir KA
  • 1991–92 - Redgate Clayton
  • 1992–93 - Redgate Clayton
  • 1993–94 - Redgate Clayton