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Directed by Simon Cathcart
Produced by Rob Mercer
Written by Simon Cathcart
Rob Mercer
Starring Jocelyn Osorio
Sandra Dickinson
Simeon Willis
Martin Bayfield
Music by Jimi Tenor
Paul Weir
Cinematography Robert Shacklady
Edited by Lalit Goyal
Stag Knight Ltd.
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country UK
Language English
Budget £1,500,000 (estimated)

StagKnight is a black comedy horror film directed by Simon Cathcart and written by Cathcart and Robert Mercer. It was filmed in Effingham, Surrey, England, UK.

The film is better known for its two tie-in Flash games, the second of which has been played over a million times on[1]


A paintballing team known as the "Weekend Warriors" heads to a woodland retreat just outside London to celebrate the marital engagement of one of their members. However, deep within the forest, an ancient warrior preserved from the time of King Arthur has awoken and begins to hunt them down one by one.


  • Martin Bayfield as Knight / William
  • Jocelyn Osorio as Blossom / Young Explorer
  • Sandra Dickinson as Fay
  • Simeon Willis as Brian
  • Simon Cathcart as Sean
  • James Hillier as Charles
  • Barry McNeill as Steve the Queen
  • Joe Montana as Roger
  • John Campbell-Mac as Wolf
  • Tony Tang as Makoto
  • Santos Regules as Santos
  • Jason Lee Hyde as David
  • Paul Coskun as Mike / Brenda
  • Danielle Mason as Ginger
  • Harry Athwal as Driver
  • Stephen Wisdom as Lead Explorer


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