Stag Night of the Dead

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Stag Night of the Dead
Directed by Neil Jones
Written by Neil Jones
Starring Sebastian Street
Rez Kempton
Jeff Rudom
Sophie Lovell Anderson
Music by Chris Barnett
Cinematography Richard J Wood
Distributed by Left Films
Release date
October 31, 2010 (UK)
Running time
81 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £150,000[1]

Stag Night of the Dead is a 2010 low budget British comedy horror film, written and directed by Neil "Napoleon" Jones.


In the aftermath of a pandemic infection that has turned large numbers of the population into zombies, a group of men embark on a stag weekend for their friend Dean ahead of his impending wedding. As part of the entertainment, the party travel to an old military base where some of these zombies are being put to use as targets in zomball, a twist on the game of paintball.


Filming took place on location at RAF Bentwaters between April and May 2008.[2][3]


The film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom by Left Films in October 2010.

Its home video released came on DVD in the UK in January 2012 with a US release following in May 2012. It had also been available in the US from March 2012 as an exclusive iTunes download.[4]

Critical reception[edit]

Stag Night of the Dead won the best feature award at the 2011 Newport International Film Festival.[5]


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