Stage Fort Park

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Stage Fort Park

Stage Fort Park is a park at Stage Head in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It contains two beaches, a large playground, picnic benches, two baseball fields, a basketball court, a dog park and plenty of room for any weekend activities.

A seasonal restaurant in the park, The Cupboard of Gloucester, selling a wide variety of food and ice cream including fried clams and sandwiches.

The most prominent geological feature is a large rock, some sixty feet high and two hundred wide. It was said to be an ancient ritual stone used by Native Americans. [1]

Stage Head was named for a fishing "stage" dating back to the original settlement. It was the most likely original site of Conant's Great House (Cape Ann). The areas was fortified, manned intermittently from 1635 until the Spanish–American War. The works were also known variously as "Gloucester Fort", "Eastern Point Battery", "Fort Conant" and other variants of these names.

Another view of Stage Fort Park, featuring the giant rock
Plaque on the large rock


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Coordinates: 42°36′20″N 70°40′41″W / 42.60556°N 70.67806°W / 42.60556; -70.67806