Stage Fright (Motörhead DVD)

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Stage Fright
Video by
Released18 July 2005
Recorded7 December 2004
GenreHeavy metal
Length240 min
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic [1]4.5/5 stars

Stage Fright is a 2005 DVD by the British rock and roll band Motörhead. It was filmed in Düsseldorf, Germany to commemorate the band's 30th anniversary.

Track listing[edit]

DVD 1: Concert at Düsseldorf Philipshalle[edit]

CD 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Doctor Rock"Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston
Pete Gill
1986 ~ Orgasmatron 
2."Stay Clean"Kilmister, "Fast" Eddie Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill 
3."Shoot You in the Back"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1980 ~ Ace of Spades 
4."Love Me Like a Reptile"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1980 ~ Ace of Spades 
5."Killers"Kilmister, Campbell, Dee2004 ~ Inferno 
6."Metropolis"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill 
7."Over the Top"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Bomber (Single) 
8."No Class"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill 
9."I Got Mine"Kilmister, Robertson, Taylor1983 ~ Another Perfect Day 
10."In the Name of Tragedy"Kilmister, Campbell, Dee2004 ~ Inferno 
11."Dancing on Your Grave"Kilmister, Robertson, Taylor1983 ~ Another Perfect Day 
12."R.A.M.O.N.E.S."Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Taylor1991 ~ 1916 
13."Sacrifice"Kilmister, Campbell, Dee1995 ~ Sacrifice 
14."Just 'Cos You Got the Power"Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Taylor1987 ~ Eat the Rich 
15."Going to Brazil"Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Taylor1991 ~ 1916 
16."Killed by Death"Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Gill1984 ~ No Remorse 
17."Iron Fist"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1982 ~ Iron Fist 
18."Whorehouse Blues"Kilmister, Campbell, Dee2004 ~ Inferno 
19."Ace of Spades"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1980 ~ Ace of Spades 
20."Overkill"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill 

DVD 2: Features[edit]

  1. L.A. Special
  2. Fans
  3. Making Of
  4. Testimonials
  5. We Are The Road Crew
  6. Slide Show
  7. The Backstage Rider
  8. "Overkill" High Definition Track (DVD ROM)
  9. "Life’s a Bitch" - Realtone (DVD ROM)
  10. Motörhead Wallpapers (DVD ROM)
  11. L.A. Slideshow (DVD ROM)
  12. Discography (DVD ROM)


  • Lemmy - vocals, bass, harmonica on Whorehouse Blues
  • Phil Campbell - guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar on Whorehouse Blues
  • Mikkey Dee - drums, acoustic guitar on Whorehouse Blues