Stage Harbor Light

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Stage Harbor Light
Stage Harbor Light Chatham MA.JPG
US Coast Guard photo
Location Chatham, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°39′31.3″N 69°59′1.3″W / 41.658694°N 69.983694°W / 41.658694; -69.983694
Year first constructed 1880
Deactivated 1933
Construction Cast iron tower
Tower shape Conical
Markings / pattern White
Original lens 4th order Fresnel lens
Stage Harbor Light (current)
Stage Harbor Light is located in Cape Cod
Stage Harbor Light
Location Chatham, Massachusetts
Coordinates 41°39′30.265″N 69°59′4.095″W / 41.65840694°N 69.98447083°W / 41.65840694; -69.98447083
Year first constructed 1933
Tower shape Modular skeleton tower
Focal height 42 feet (13 m)
Range 7 nautical miles (13 km; 8.1 mi)
Characteristic Fl W 6s
USCG number 13860[1][2]

Stage Harbor Light was built in 1880.[1] It was discontinued in 1933, replaced by a skeleton tower 200 ft (60m) west which remains an active aid to navigation.[3] The original light is now a private residence.


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Stage Harbor Light in Chatham, now a private residence