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Stage illusions are large-scale magic tricks. As the name implies, stage illusions are distinct from all other types of magic in that they are performed a considerable distance away from the audience, usually on a stage, in order to maintain the illusion.[1] Examples of stage illusions include sawing a woman in half and Lady-to-Tiger.

Stage illusions usually use large props and may involve the use of assistants or large animals.[2] As this form of magic performance is very common on television, members of the public will report that this is the only form of magic with which they are familiar.[citation needed] In actuality, only a small percentage of professional magicians are stage illusionists. Most choose to specialize in close-up magic and perform in more intimate settings.[citation needed] Grand illusions are usually very costly and, due to their size, are difficult to ship, which would explain the paucity of professional stage illusionists.[citation needed]

Famous stage illusionists[edit]

Stage illusions[edit]


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