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Stagecoach Oxfordshire 15615 on Route S1, Oxford FrideswideSquare (15399612769).jpg
OperatorStagecoach Oxfordshire
FrequencyUp to every 10 minutes
TimetableS1 timetable

Stagecoach Gold bus route S1 is a bus route in England that links Carterton, Witney, Eynsham and Oxford. The service is run by Stagecoach in Oxfordshire.


Prior to 2009, route S1 was numbered route 100. In 2009 Stagecoach Oxfordshire launched the S-Series, which involved renumbering several high-profile bus routes across Oxfordshire to 'S' services. Subsequently, route 100 was renumbered S1, and its sister route 200 was renumbered S2.

Following the renumbering of the service, Stagecoach upgraded route S1 to Stagecoach Gold status in March 2010, following the success of the new Gold vehicles on route S2.[1]


The route runs between Carterton and Oxford. In Carterton the service runs in a circle, starting at the Brize Norton roundabout, the service heads directly into Carterton towards the crossroads. The service then leaves Carterton via Carterton Road and Brize Norton heading towards Witney. The service enters Witney via Curbridge and then heads towards Witney Market Square via Burwell Drive, Ducklington Lane and Corn Street (passing Stagecoach's Witney depot). Route S1 leaves Witney via High Street and the B4022 road before entering the A40. The service then serves Eynsham village before heading to Oxford. The service enters Oxford via the B4044 leading onto the Botley Road. From Botley Road, the service heads directly to Oxford City Centre serving Frideswide Square for Oxford station before reaching its terminus at George Street. The total off-peak journey time is approximately 77 minutes.[2]

Route S1
Brize Norton Roundabout
Carterton, Broadshires Health Centre
Carterton, Crossroads
Curbridge, Well Lane
Witney, Thorney Leys
Witney, Bus Garage
Witney, Market Square
Eynsham, Church
Botley, Elms Parade
Oxford, Frideswide Square National Rail
Oxford, George Street


Route S1 operates between 05:00 and 23:46 Monday to Friday with an off-peak frequency of every 15 minutes. At peak times, the service runs up to every 10 minutes with the service running every 20 minutes after 19:00. On Saturday's, the service runs every 15 minutes during the day with the evening services running every 20 minutes. Route S1's Sunday service runs every 20 minutes during the day with an every 30 minute service in the evenings until 22:30 with an hourly service until 00:30.

Monday to Saturday services only serve Carterton every 30 minutes with the other two services per-hour terminating at Witney Thorney Leys. Carterton is still served by route S2 which means Carterton has four services towards Oxford per-hour. All journeys on Sunday serve Carterton as route S2 does not operate on Sunday's.

The S1 night service (NS1) operates Monday to Thursday with two journeys from Oxford at 00:00 and 00:30. There are no Oxford bound NS1 journeys Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, NS1 runs every 30 minutes in both directions after midnight. There is one NS1 journey on Sunday which operates at 00:30 from Oxford.[3]


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