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Stagecoach bus 15613 (OU10 BGE), 17 September 2012.jpg
Stagecoach Gold Alexander Dennis Enviro400 bodied Scania N230UD in Oxford
OperatorStagecoach Oxfordshire
FrequencyUp to every 30 minutes
TimetableS2 timetable

Stagecoach Gold bus route S2 is a bus route in England that links Carterton, Witney and Oxford. The service is run by Stagecoach in Oxfordshire.


Dennis Trident 2 bus with Alexander ALX400 body on route 200 in St Giles', Oxford in October 2008

Similar to its sister route S1, route S2 was numbered route 200 until 2009 when Stagecoach Oxfordshire launched the 'S' Series. Later in the year, Stagecoach upgraded route S2 to Stagecoach Gold. The launch of Stagecoach Gold was initially exclusive to route S2 in order for Stagecoach to see whether passengers liked the upgrade.[1] Stagecoach then consulted passengers at the end of 2009 and, following the success of the upgrade to Gold, further Gold specification vehicles were ordered to upgrade route S1.[2]

Route S2 was the first route in Oxfordshire to be upgraded to Stagecoach Gold.

There has also been some route changes to route S2 in the past with the current route being adopted in 2014. Prior to July 2014, route S2 used to serve the village of Minster Lovell however, with route S2 being the more direct route from Carterton to Oxford, Stagecoach re-routed the route using the A40 between Carterton and Witney as opposed to the previous route which entered Witney via Burford Road and Tower Hill.[3]


The current S2 route runs between Carterton, Witney and Oxford. In Carterton, route S2 operates around the outer main road (Upavon Way) before joining Alvescot Road towards the Crossroads. Some journeys start in the nearby village of Brize Norton before entering Carterton and joining the main route. Services leave Carterton via Monahan Way heading towards the A40. The route enters Witney via Ducklington Lane, heading towards Witney Market Square via Corn Street. Services then rejoin the A40 via the High Street and B4022. Route S2 does not serve Eynsham village, however it does pass the village whilst on the A40. The route also passes, but does not go through, the village of Cassington before entering Oxford. Route S2 enters Oxford via Woodstock Road before reaching its terminus at Gloucester Green bus station. Some services start and terminate at Magdalen Street in the city centre. The approximate off-peak journey time is 60 minutes.[4]

Route S2
Brize Norton, Post Office
Carterton, Stanmore Crescent
Carterton, Crossroads
Carterton, Broadshires Health Centre
Witney, Market Square
Eynsham, A40 Evenlode
Oxford, Woodstock Road South Parade
Oxford, Magdalen Street
Oxford, Gloucester Green bus station


Route S2 operates Monday to Saturday with services up to every 30 minutes both peak and off-peak. There is no late evening service or Sunday service. Some morning and evening peak services do not serve Witney, acting as a direct service between Carterton and Oxford.[5]

Route S2 used to have a night service (NS2) which operated in one direction between Carterton and Oxford without serving Witney. NS2 was scrapped in 2016 favouring more NS1 services.


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