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The Stagg tree – the fifth largest tree in the world

The Stagg Tree (formerly known as the Day Tree) is a giant sequoia in Alder Creek Grove in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. It is the fifth largest tree in the world and is believed to be over 3,000 years old. The tree was renamed in 1960 after Amos Alonzo Stagg (1862-1965), a pioneering football coach at the University of Chicago who spent much of the last several decades of his life coaching in Stockton in the nearby San Joaquin Valley. In 1993 a group of climbers scaled the full height of the tree and discovered a hollow room inside its trunk near the very top. It is currently under private ownership; the property is owned by the Rouch family. It, however, remains accessible to the public.


L. Day noticed the tree in 1931 and, with help from two others, made measurements of it in 1932. Wendell Flint, the author (with photographer Mike Law) of To Find the Biggest Tree, measured it in 1977 as follows:

Metres Feet
Height above base 74.1 243.0
Circumference at ground 33.3 109.0
Diameter 1.5 m above base 7.05 22.9
Diameter 18 m (60') above base 5.6 18.2
Diameter 55 m (180') above base 3.8 12.5
Estimated bole volume (m³.ft³) 1,205.0 42,557.0

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Coordinates: 36°11′29″N 118°37′08″W / 36.19131°N 118.61878°W / 36.19131; -118.61878