Staines Down Drains

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Staines Down Drains
Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Jim Mora
Written by David Witt
Nicholas Searle
Phil Sanders
David Evans
Jim Mora
Anthony Watt
Brendan Luno
Greg Millin
Directed by Jane Schneider
Guy Gross
Voices of Sarah Aubrey
Keith Scott
Drew Forsythe
Jane U'Brien
Rachel King
Composer(s) Michael Lira
Country of origin Australia
New Zealand
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 27
Executive producer(s) Brent Chambers
Sandra Gross
Geoff Watson
Susanne Schosser
Producer(s) Yoram Gross
Brent Chambers
Running time 24 minutes (series 1)
11 minutes (series 2)
Production company(s) Flux Animation,
Flying Bark Productions,
Studio 100
Original network Seven Network
Original release October 2006 (2006-10) – present

Staines Down Drains is an Australia/New Zealand co-produced children's television series created by Jim Mora. The series was premiered on the Seven Network in October 2006[1] and broadcast in New Zealand on TV2 beginning on 28 February 2007.[2] A second series of 13 episodes is being produced and due for completion at the end of 2010, each 11-minutes long.[3]


The series follows siblings Stanley and Mary-Jane Staines as they travel through a portal down their sink in the basement to Drainland. There they assist Vegety Bill a strong carrot looking figure, Blobert a purple blob, and Herk a furball, in defeating Dr. Drain. Stanley is germaphobic while Mary-Jane is brave. Their mother Betty is always getting a new job which usually causes the complication in the episodes. Their arch enemy Gretel is always trying to embarrass the Staines.[4]


The series is distributed by Studio 100. It is animated by Flux Animation with assistance from Studio 100. The series is associated with Yoram Gross. As with many other titles from the company, they lend the voice who usually plays the main male characters, Keith Scott (voice actor). Series one first broadcast in November 2006 with a second series announced in late 2009.[3]

Main characters[edit]

  • Mary-Jane Staines is a brave girl who is very adventurous and smart. She usually helps Stanley in assisting Drainlands problem. She is worst enemies with Gretel and the two usually argue with each other.
  • Stanley Staines is a germaphobic boy who tries to avoid doing anything out of the ordinary, his phobia may stop him from going to Drainland. However, he is encouraged by his sister, Vegety, Herk and Blobert.
  • Betty Staines is Stanley and Mary-Jane's somewhat dipsy mother. She is always starting a new career and usually messes up doing it.
  • Vegety Bill is an heroic carrot like figure who is dedicated to protecting the Drainworld plants. He is best friends with Herk and Blobert and together fight Dr. Drain and the Goblers.
  • Blobert is a small purple blob who moves around like a slug. He is not very smart and usually helps Herk and Vegety.
  • Herk is a small brown hairball who helps Vegety in protecting the plants. He is best friends with Blobert.
  • Dr Drain is an evil dictator, bent on destroying Drainland and building an empire on its ruins. With his companions the Goblers, he tries to rid Drainland of its purifying plants.
  • Gretel is the arch enemy of Mary-Jane. She is a spoil girl who usually bullies the Staines with her friends, the Lupe brothers.
  • The Goblers are the henchmen of Dr. Drain.
  • The Lupin Lupes are the friends of Gretel.


Series 1[edit]

Episode # Title Original Air Date
1 "Drainland Unplugged" TBA
Stanley and Mary-Jane view their new home and soon find a sink in their basement which leads to a civilisation, called Drainland. They soon discover mutant monsters, some of which are friendly.
2 "Once More Unto the Drains"[1] TBA
Stanley starts his first day at school along as Mary-Jane is pretending sick at home, she soon decides to travel down the portal to Drainland again, however she soon finds herself being chased for stealing a Cleansing Sea plant, meanwhile Stanley travels down again to rescue his sister from a large amount of acid which was tipped down the sink.
3 "Meet Dr Drain" TBA
4 "Land of the Giants" TBA
Stanley tries to find his sister after overhearing a plan to cover her in chocolate and feathers by the Lupin Lunes, searching in Drainland, he finds Dr. Drain with a growing potion, however eager to find Mary-Jane, Stanley leaves though he can not go out the drain portal after his mother blocks it.
5 "A Ring Thing" TBA
6 "Choo Choo Drain" TBA
7 "Glass Bowl of Love" TBA
8 "All Dug Up" TBA
9 "Vanity Hair" TBA
10 "In the Soup" TBA
Vegety Bill discovers a mysterious liquid seeping into the cleansing sea and worries after Dr. Drains minions go after the recipe to create more, however they do not realise until later the liquid is Mrs. Staines soup, which is to be served for lunch, much to Mary-Jane and Stanley's despair.
11 "No Butts" TBA
Dr. Drain hires a trio of cigarette butts to perform near the cleansing sea, so with their bad breath and brainwashing abilities, they can destroy the plants. Meanwhile, Stanley and Mary-Jane attempt to stop a new soft-drink brand which makes people hyper-active.
12 "Fighting Fit" TBA
13 "Nappy Days" TBA
After Stanley loses Gretel's little cousin baby down the drain, He travels down the portal to bring it back, however with the baby destroying the cleansing sea and Dr. Drain wanting the baby to complete his evil plan, Stanley with Vegity, Blobert and Herk must hurry. Meanwhile Mary-Jane fills in for the baby, much to her despair.
14 "Halloween" TBA
15 "Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow" TBA
16 "Slime Time" TBA
17 "Inner Space" TBA
18 "Hair Today" TBA
19 "Unwelcome Guest" TBA
20 "Dentures of Death" TBA
21 "Going for Gold" TBA
The whole town tries searching for gold after numerous reports, however it is all part of an elaborate plan by Dr. Drain, however Stanley and friends discover his scheme and try to stop him.
22 "Pipe Dreams" TBA
23 "Kidnapped" TBA
24 "The Queen and I" TBA
25 "Unmasked" TBA
26 "The Final Flush" TBA
27 "Last Drainland" TBA


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