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Stair Dismount (original)
Developer(s) Jetro Lauha
Publisher(s) tAAt
Designer(s) Jetro Lauha
Engine Open Dynamics Engine
Platform(s) Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Release August 2002
Genre(s) Dismounting Crash
Mode(s) Single player
Stair Dismount (iPhone & iPod touch)
Developer(s) Secret Exit
Publisher(s) Secret Exit
Engine Irrlicht Engine, Open Dynamics Engine
Platform(s) iPhone, iPod touch, Android
Release 25 Nov, 2009
Mode(s) Single player

Stair Dismount (also known as Porrasturvat) is a computer game originally made by Jetro Lauha of tAAt. It is a puzzle game where the goal is maximising the damage done to a 3D stickman figure; the player causes damage by applying a force to the figure to make it fall down a staircase.

The stick figure's falls are accompanied by various sound effects — cracks, wails and groans — as it makes its way to the bottom. Stair Dismount uses ragdoll physics, so the figure is very floppy as it falls, like a ragdoll.

The game was first published in Assembly 2002, where it won the first prize in the game development competition.

The newest version, 1.0.3, is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Stair Dismount for iPhone and iPod touch was released on 25 Nov, 2009[1] (originally announced as Stair Dismount Touch[2]). Later it has been modified to be an "Universal" build to add support for iPad. Subsequently it has also been released for Android devices in June 2011.

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