Staircase Falls

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Staircase Falls
2006-05-20 - Staircase Falls.jpg
Staircase Falls is located in California
Staircase Falls
Location Yosemite Valley, Yosemite NP, CA, US
Coordinates 37°44′07″N 119°34′30″W / 37.73528°N 119.57500°W / 37.73528; -119.57500Coordinates: 37°44′07″N 119°34′30″W / 37.73528°N 119.57500°W / 37.73528; -119.57500
Type Tiered
Total height 1,300 ft (400 m)
World height ranking 228[citation needed]

Staircase Falls is a series of waterfalls located on Gossamer Creek in Yosemite National Park, California. The falls descend a total of 1,300 feet (400 m)[1][2] into Yosemite Valley over a series of steps. Staircase Falls is relatively ephemeral and only flows after rainfall. It is usually dry by May. The falls are located immediately behind Camp Curry on cliffs below Glacier Point.


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