Stakker Humanoid

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"Stakker Humanoid"
Single by Humanoid
from the album Global
B-side "Stakker Humanoid (The Omen Mix)"
Released 1988, 1992, 2001, 2007
Format CD, 12" Vinyl
Recorded Dance Studios, Ealing London
Genre Electronica, acid house
Label Westside Records
Writer(s) Brian Dougans
Producer(s) Brian Dougans
John Laker
The Future Sound of London chronology
Stakker Humanoid

Stakker Humanoid is a song by Humanoid released in 1988 by the London-based label Westside Records. The influential track was referred to by The Guardian as "the first truly credible UK acid house record to break into the mainstream."[1]

History of the track[edit]

The project behind the track started out with Stakker, a collaborative project by the video artists Mark McClean and Colin Scott. They needed music to support their video and contacted Brian Dougans. They sent a demo video tape containing graphics and some music to Morgan Khan who (although he didn't appreciate the video) invited Brian Dougans to record 2 demos at his Dance Studios in Ealing London. He probably made use of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. The Evil Otto sample “Humanoid” from the videogame Berzerk provided the name of the track.

The track was originally called “Humanoid” to be put out by Stakker through Morgan Khan's label Westside Records, though Morgan released it as “Stakker Humanoid” by “Humanoid” to avoid copyright issues. A dispute had arisen between Brian Dougans and Colin Scott / Mark McClean and before the record was in the shops, Stakker and Brian Dougans split, ending their working relationship which had lasted just over a year. However Mark McClean and Brian Dougans were to continue working together on The Future Sound of London project.[2][3]

The track was a hit not just at influential clubs like Shoom in London, but was championed by mainstream stalwarts like Radio DJ Bruno Brookes and Kylie and Jason producer Pete Waterman. It went on to reach number 17 in the UK charts in November 1988, leading to Dougans' appearance on Top of the Pops on 1st December 1988. [4] In 2011, Noel Gallagher said of the track:

In 2015, Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. featured the song in the album "chipspeech AUTOMATE SONGS .01". were it was featured as the 4th track. The samples in this version were created by Chipspeech synthesized vocal character "Otto Mozer" whose voice is a emulation of the original TSI S14001A synthesizer used to create the vocals in Berzerk.[6]


The soundtrack for the 1989 release Eurotechno (originally written by Brian Dougans) was remixed and overdubbed with new sections added by Colin Scott and Simon Monday in the digital studio that Colin Scott and Mark McClean had set up in the Goldcrest building in Great Pultney Street in Soho. This soundtrack is on the Eurotechno video and on the CD recently released by Rephlex Records.

Track listings[edit]

Original 12" and CD release[edit]

  1. A1 - Stakker Humanoid (4:59)
  2. A2 - Stakker Humanoid (Radio Edit) (3:40)
  3. B - Stakker Humanoid (The Omen Mix) (7:50)

Original 7" release[edit]

  1. A - Stakker Humanoid (3:40)
  2. B - Stakker Humanoid (Part 2) (4:40)
"Stakker Humanoid '92"
Single by Humanoid
The Future Sound of London chronology
Pulse Four EP
Stakker Humanoid
People Livin' Today

Stakker Humanoid '92[edit]

  1. Stakker Humanoid (7" Original) (3:40)
  2. Stakker Humanoid (Smart Systems Remix) (4:52)
    • Remix - Smart Systems
  3. Stakker Humanoid (Gary Cobain '94 Mix) (5:41)
    • Remix - Garry Cobain
  4. Stakker Humanoid (Omen Mix) (7:36)
  5. Stakker Humanoid (303 Tribe) (5:31)
    • Remix - Future Sound Of London, The
  6. Stakker Humanoid (Outer Limits) (4:51)
    • Remix - Future Sound Of London, The
  7. Stakker Humanoid (12" Original) (4:55)
  8. Stakker Humanoid (Dub Drums) (2:43)
    • Remix - Future Sound Of London, The
"Stakker Humanoid 2001"
Single by Humanoid
The Future Sound of London chronology
We Have Explosive
Stakker Humanoid
Papua New Guinea 2001

Stakker Humanoid 2001[edit]

  1. Stakker Humanoid (Krafty's Radio Cut) (3:55)
    • Engineer - Ed Solo
    • Remix, Producer [Additional Production] - Krafty Kuts
  2. Stakker Humanoid (Plump DJ's 2001 Re-Touch) (6:49)
    • Remix, Producer [Additional Production] - Plump DJs
  3. Stakker Humanoid (7" Original) (3:40)
  4. Stakker Humanoid (Snowman Mix) (3:54)
"Stakker Humanoid 2007"
Single by Humanoid
The Future Sound of London chronology
Archived EP
Stakker Humanoid
Tingler 2008

Stakker Humanoid 2007[edit]

  1. Stakker Humanoid (Feadz 2007 Mix) (4:02)
    • Remix - Feadz
  2. Stakker Humanoid (Punx Soundcheck Mix) (6:36)
    • Remix - Punx Soundcheck
  3. Stakker Humanoid (James Talk Mix) (8:04)
    • Remix - James Talk
  4. Stakker Humanoid (King Roc's 3am And Feeling OK Mix) (9:10)
    • Remix - King Roc
  5. Stakker Humanoid (Scan X Mix) (4:56)

Chart positions[edit]

Year Single Chart Position
1988 "Stakker Humanoid" UK Singles Chart #17
1988 "Stakker Humanoid" UK Dance Chart #1
1992 "Stakker Humanoid '92" UK Singles Chart #40
2001 "Stakker Humanoid 2001" UK Singles Chart #65



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