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Stallergenes, Inc.
Public (EuronextSTAGR)
Founded 1962[1]
Headquarters Antony, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Key people
Christian Chavy (Chief Executive Officer)
Revenue Increase 251 million

Stallergenes is a pharmaceutical company.

Executive committee[edit]

  • Michele Antonelli: Chief Executive Officer of Stallergenes.
  • Olivier de BEAUMONT: Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs.
  • Peter BUHLER: Chief Financial Officer.
  • Alfonso CAMBA BARBOLLA: Senior Vice President, Technical Operations.
  • Ivan COHEN-TANUGI: Senior Vice President, International Operations.
  • Thomas LANG: President of Stallergenes Inc., Stallergenes’ US subsidiary.
  • Jérôme TILLY: Senior Vice President, Human Resources.
  • Philippe MOINGEON: Senior Vice President, Research and Pharmaceutical Development.
  • Dominique PEZZIARDI: Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Global Market Access.
  • Denis RIGOLET: Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance.
  • Poul SORENSEN: Senior Vice President, Strategic Development.
  • Cyril TAVIER: Senior Vice President, Southern Europe Operations.

A pharmaceutical and clinical development programme[edit]

Since 2003, Stallergenes has been involved in a clinical development programme whose objective is to develop proprietary medicines intended to cover the main allergens responsible for more than 80% of respiratory allergies around the world.[citation needed]

Oralair is the first sublingual immunotherapy tablet resulting from this programme. Oralair is marketed in 22 countries and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.[citation needed]

The second project in this programme is the house dust mite immunotherapy tablet:[citation needed]

Three other projects intended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis caused by birch pollen, Japanese cedar and ragweed pollen are currently under development.[citation needed]