Stāmeriena Palace

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Stāmeriena Palace
Stameriena manor (1).jpg
General information
Architectural style Neo-Classicism, Art Nouveau
Town or city Gulbene municipality
Country Latvia
Construction started Beginning of the 19th. century.
Client Johann Gottlieb von Wolff (1756-1817)

Stāmeriena Palace (Latvian: Stāmerienas muižas pils; German: Schloss Stomersee) is a palace built in Historicist style from 1835 to 1843 in the historical region of Vidzeme,[1][2] northern Latvia.[3] Its first owner was Johann Gottlieb von Wolff (1756-1817) and subsequently his descendants.[4]

In 1905, during the Russian Revolution, the manor was burned down, but was later renewed by Baron Boris von Wolff (1850-1917) in 1908. Although it was rebuilt in different style it is considered one of the brightest architectural achievements of his time in French Neo-Renaissance style in Latvia. Stāmeriena palace was one of the few manors which were not nationalised after Latvian agrarian reforms in 1920s. So baron von Wolff family continued to live there through the 1930s until 1939. The palace was presented as a gift to Andrei Pilar von Pilchau. Sicilian writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa lived in the Stāmeriena palace a few years. He married the palace's owner Alice Alexandra von Wolff (1894-1982) in 1932.

After the second world war a Technical school of agriculture was located in the palace. Later it was used as the administration building of the local state owned farm (sovkhoz). After the 1992 palace stood empty for six years. In 1998 it became a private property and since then the palace and landscape park around it are being restored and are open for visitors.

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