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Stamford Raffles Award is an award of the Zoological Society of London. It is "For distinguished contributions to zoology, open to amateur zoologists or, to a professional zoologist in recognition of contributions which are outside the scope of his professional activities and principal specialisation."[1]

List of awardees[edit]

Source: Zoological Society of London

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

  • 2001 Dr Norman Moore for research on the ecology and behaviour of dragonflies
  • 2002 Thomas Jones Roberts for furthering our understanding of wildlife in Pakistan
  • 2003 Christopher du Feu for contributions to ornithology
  • 2005 Peter Grubb for contributions to mammalian systematics
  • 2006 Peter Chandler for contributions to our knowledge of European Diptera
  • 2007 Ted Benton for contributions to our knowledge on bees, butterflies and dragonflies
  • 2009 Bob Swann for contributions to ornithology
  • 2010 Richard Lewington for contributions for wildlife illustration
  • 2011 Dan Danahar for contributions towards the advancement of biodiversity education
  • 2012 Stephen Petty for significant long-term monitoring and data collection that has contributed to our understanding of the ecology of tawny owl populations, their vole prey and other raptors
  • 2013 David Mallon for significant contributions to antelope conservation


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