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Stan Klees (born 29 April 1932 at Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian retired music industry businessman. He created the music recording companies Tamarac and Red Leaf Records in the 1960s.

Klees was a presenter at CHUM radio in the late 1940s then was employed by London Records. He founded Tamarac Records in 1963.[1]

His advice to Walt Grealis led to the development of RPM Weekly in 1964. Klees formally joined RPM as a staff member in 1971 to assist with organisation and publication design. He also designed the "MAPL" logo to identify Canadian content of produced songs, also known as the Cancon movement.[2][3] Klees and Grealis established RPM's annual awards for Canadian music in 1964 which led to the creation of the Juno Awards ceremonies in 1970.[4]

In 1995, Klees was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.

In 2001, Klees was awarded the Special Achievement Award at the SOCAN Awards in Toronto.[5][6][7]


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