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Stan Monteith
Stanley Kimball Monteith

(1929-02-17)February 17, 1929
DiedSeptember 30, 2014(2014-09-30) (aged 85)
OccupationRadio host, author
TitleDoctor Stanley Monteith

Stanley Kimball Monteith (February 17, 1929 – September 29, 2014) was a radio host and author and a retired orthopedic surgeon,[1][2] popularly known as Doctor Stan. He hosted a daily radio show called Radio Liberty.[3]


Monteith was the author of several books and had published a number of videos and other recorded media. His radio talk show was heard in over 50 radio stations across the United States and overseas.[4]

Many of the issues that Monteith addressed had to do with globalization[5] and the New World Order. [6] He was also a highly active opponent of water fluoridation.[7]

In 1988, Monteith ran for Congress as a Republican in California's 16th Congressional District, challenging incumbent Leon Panetta. Panetta was re-elected with nearly 79 per cent of the vote. Prior to his run for Congress, Monteith was a longtime member of the John Birch Society, and had once headed the group's Santa Cruz County chapter.[8] He was later a member of the Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition and the Coalition on Revival.[9]

For years, Dr. Stan opened his radio program, Radio Liberty, with this quote... —¨Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you, that reality is usually scoffed at, and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Christian civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.¨—[10]



  • Brotherhood of Darkness - (Hearthstone Publishing, Ltd 01/09/2000) - ISBN 1-57558-063-2 ISBN 978-1575580630
  • Aids. the Unnecessary Epidemic. America Under Siege - (Covenant House 01/0/2000) - ASIN: B0011DUAWI
  • Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception (Training Manual for Parents, Physicians, and Dentists) (Book with DVD) - (Radio Liberty 2004)SIN: B000NC8NZO
  • IRAQ: The Untold Story - (Book With DVD) (Radio Liberty 2004) - ASIN: B0018QJLCS

Audio recordings[edit]

  • Radio Liberty: The Wisdom of Malachi Martin - (Radio Liberty 1997) - ASIN: B000S92JJS
  • O. J. Simpson: Innocent or Guilty? [Audio Cassette] - Dr. Stanley "Stan" Monteith (Author), Donald Freed (Author), Steven Wurth (Author), Joseph Boscoe (Author), Steven Singular (Author) - ASIN: B001KPO0NC


  • Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Volume 1: The New Atlantis - Expert Interviewee, Dr Stan Monteith - (2006)
  • One Nation Under Siege - Dr. Stan Monteith - (2006)
  • Rape of the Soul - Dr Stan Monteith, Himself - (2006)
  • Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Volume 2: Riddles in Stone - The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. - Expert Interviewee, Dr Stan Monteith - (2007)
  • Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Volume 3: Eye of the Phoenix - Secrets of the Dollar Bill - Expert Interviewee, Dr Stan Monteith - (2009)
  • 12 Biggest Lies - Dr. Stanley Monteith, Himself - (2010)
  • The Truth Is Out There - Himself - (2011)



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