Stan Musial (fireboat)

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Stan Musial
Career Civil Ensign of the United States
Name: Stan Musial
Namesake: Stan Musial
Operator: St. Louis Fire Department
Builder: MetalCraft Marine
Launched: October 30, 2013
In service: in active service, as of 2015
Homeport: Port of St. Louis
General characteristics
Length: 44 feet (13 m)
Speed: 38 knots (70 km/h; 44 mph)
For other uses, see Stan Musial (disambiguation).

The Stan Musial is a fireboat stationed in the Port of St. Louis in Missouri.[1] Commissioned in September 2013, she is named after Stan Musial, a St. Louis sports figure, with a long association with the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. The 44-foot (13 m) craft has the ability to pump 7,000 US gallons per minute (26,000 l/min) from its water cannon and can travel at up to 38 knots (44 mph).[2][3] She was placed into service on October 30, 2013.[2][3]


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