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Arthur Stanley Newens (born 4 February 1930) is a former British Labour Co-operative politician. He is a former Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

Born in Bethnal Green, Newens was educated at Buckhurst Hill County High School.[1]


Newens was a conscientious objector during National Service and worked as a coalminer in Staffordshire. He graduated in History at University College, London, and became a schoolteacher. In 1949 he joined the Labour Party, and is still a member. At UCL, he met Anil Moonesinghe, a Sri Lankan Trotskyist, who was later to become a Cabinet Minister in Sri Lanka, and joined the Socialist Review Group led by Tony Cliff, a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), which later became the Socialist Workers Party (SWP); he left this group in 1959. He held several posts in the National Union of Teachers and was chairman of the Movement for Colonial Freedom and president of the London Co-operative Society.

Newens subsequently represented two Essex constituencies as a Labour MP. He was elected for Epping in 1964, and lost the seat in 1970. In 1974, he became the first MP for Harlow, but lost the seat in the Conservative landslide of 1983. Following this, he became an MEP for the London Central constituency in 1984, which he served until 1999. He stood for Harlow again in 1987, but was not successful in being re-elected to the House of Commons.

He held several senior positions, including Vice Chair of the PLP Foreign Affairs Group and Chair and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group of MEPs. He was generally seen as a prominent left-winger, campaigning against the Vietnam War and for other international causes.

Other work[edit]

Newens has been an active trade unionist, and has written numerous pamphlets and books, including The Case Against Nato (1972), Third World: Change or Chaos (1977), A History of Struggle: 50th Anniversary of Liberation, formerly the Movement for Colonial Freedom (2004) and Nicolae Ceausescu: The Man, His Ideas and His Socialist Achievements (1972). He is also a local historian of Essex and East London; his book "A History of North Weald Bassett and Its People" was published in 1985, and his study of writer Arthur Morrison was published in Loughton in 2008.

His autobiography, In Quest of a Fairer Society: My Life and Politics, was published in November 2013 by The Memoir Club.


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Parliament of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Graeme Finlay
Member of Parliament for Epping
Succeeded by
Norman Tebbit
New constituency Member of Parliament for Harlow
Feb 19741983
Succeeded by
Jerry Hayes